Do stereo receivers have built-in amplifiers?

Many times, two terminologies almost mean the same but they are not. This happens with receivers vs. amplifiers.

An amplifier is a device that helps in turning the low voltage signals from the source equipment into a signal that is terrible for gaining the power to be used in a pair of speakers. It will split into two main sections.

The first one will allow you to select multiple inputs and select the required level of gain, and this, in general, is referred to as a preamplifier.

The second one is the heavy lifting which adds against the signals to be used to power a pair of speakers. When these are done separately it is called as pre and power amplifier. When these two are placed in a single system it is called an integrated amplifier.

A little history on Receivers and Amplifiers

Traditionally, the receiver came for saving the space and offering the ability to directly access the radio. For a very long time, receivers dominated the market and outnumber the amplifiers.

Most of us now wish to have the home theatre system and often get confused with the need for an amplifier vs receiver. It is confusing that these are often used interchangeably. However, there is a difference between them.

To be clear, an amplifier is a device that takes an audio signal and amplifies it and makes the speaker play the audio. On the other hand, a receiver will have an amplifier in it and has extra functionalities.

The popular functionalities include a tuner, preamp, radio, input selection, volume controls and more. All this information will stop you make thinking get rid of the false idea which is the receiver the same as an amplifier.

You can conclude that received word is more like an amplifier with added functions and may insist you to ignore buying an amplifier.

It may sound logically correct there are many benefits of an amplifier. There are many types of receivers from which you can choose. They are standalone amplifiers, receivers and amplifiers separate, stereo receivers’ audio-video receiver, etc.

built-in amplifier

Which to buy?

Now the question as to whether to get a system that has all the components in it or buy a system that has all the components separately and also called as separates.

We shall see about the stereo receiver and audio video receivers.

Stereo receivers have built-in amplifiers and they are purely for audio. The usual functions of it include radios, input selectors for picking different audio sources and volume controls. But it does not support video sources. It is a great choice for all music lovers.

Audio-video receivers are different from stereo receivers. They support both audio and video and have multiple inputs to connect things like media streaming devices, Blue-ray players, playing consoles, speakers, and TV.

June 2024

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