How do I know what gauge for my amp?

When you want to enjoy music with your new amplifier and subwoofer, this article can help you. It is common to be confused to know the gauge power wire for an amp.

To choose an appropriate wire gauge, you have to know the current draw in amperes of your amplifier. To do this you have to find the total RMS power of each amplifier.

If you have a single mono channel amplifier, then The RMS power of the single-channel will be the wattage for you to refer to.

For a multi-channel amplifier, all you have to do is to multiply The RMS output of one channel with the total number of channels amplifier has.

You need the total RMS power of the entire audio system. After you have done this, compare it to the fuse holder type’s capacity.

You should also take into account the distance between the battery and the amplifier. after you determine the distance you can find the appropriate wire gauge for the amplifier.

Why is the size important?

Due to the electrical resistance, different cable lengths will have different ratings. Resistance can be defined as the electrical quantity that helps in measuring how the material can reduce the electrical current that flows through it.

Cables inherently have electrical resistance. The thinner the wire, the higher the electrical resistance is.

Why is the length important?

For instance, if your amplifier needs 2 gauge wires and you use only 18-gauge wire then performance the result. it can also result in the Short Service life of both amplifier and speaker.

On the contrary, if use big wire girls in the place of small one there will be no harm. But this will be a waste of money

Why wire gauze is used for speakers?

Speaker wiring is also important as you don’t want signal and power coming out of your amplifier.

Fuse Holder

To gauge wire for my amp, fuse holders are very important to keep the components safe. Unfortunately, when the power load exceeds beyond the level which an electric component can support, the device without a fuse holder has a lot of charges to be burnt up.

An incline holder will have a filament inside the fuse which will meltdown to protect the device. So now you should think about the right side of the fuse of your inline fuse holder. There are many types of inline fuse holders


This is usually available in 40, 60 and 80 amps.


This has two hooks and is usually found in 40 60 80 100 120 and 150 amps.


These are specifically for high output car audio systems. These are available in 100, 125, 150, 200-250 and 300 amps.

May 2024

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