What happens if AMP is too powerful a speaker?

A correct match between the speakers and amps is very important. it is very easy to achieve this if you know some important technical terms. This article will tell about speaker wattage amplifier matching. Specifically deal with breakdowns of Impedance, power sensitivity and safety. Impedance When you come across the specifications of both the amps…

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How do I know what gauge for my amp?

When you want to enjoy music with your new amplifier and subwoofer, this article can help you. It is common to be confused to know the gauge power wire for an amp. To choose an appropriate wire gauge, you have to know the current draw in amperes of your amplifier. To do this you have…

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Do stereo receivers have built-in amplifiers?

Many times, two terminologies almost mean the same but they are not. This happens with receivers vs. amplifiers. An amplifier is a device that helps in turning the low voltage signals from the source equipment into a signal that is terrible for gaining the power to be used in a pair of speakers. It will…

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July 2024

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