Not All Decision-Support Tools Are the Same

Let’s take a look at how PLANselect from Flimp Communications compares with Meet Alex from Jellyvision Labs, Inc.


Algorithm Method

“Calculator model,” does not validly capture episodic cost

Percentile-of-use method (also used by, presumably developed for millions of dollars)

User Time

30-40 minutes typically

3-4 minutes

User Format

Interactive avatar

3-4 multiple-response/choice questions

Price (Fewer than 2,000 Employees)

$15 PEPY


Setup Time

2 days, turnaround spans weeks

1-2 hours typically, turnaround in 48 hours

Broker Involvement in Setup

High; broker setup is mandatory for fewer than 2,000 employees

Low; brokers can be trained or PLANselect setup service available

Market Segment Applicability

Larger case, typically 1,000+ employees

As few as 100 employees

Normative Data

Jellyvision uses Healthcare Bluebook for normative data, which would support the calculator-model approach.

Uses the Blue Health Intelligence database, same as the federal A/V calculator for metal-level designations. 165 million claimants. Regionally applied.

"Alex is a registered trademark of JellyVision Labs, Inc."

"PLANselect is a registered trademark of Flimp Media, Inc."

Some other competitors use client data, which we feel has some merit/appeal, but the risks are it can be late, irrelevant given employee turnover and expensive to mine. We prefer to look forward and consider individual circumstances.

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