2017 Employee Video Communications – Case Study Report

From January 2016 to March 31, 2017, Flimp Communications worked with more than 250 organizations to communicate with and educate more than one million employees for benefits open enrollment, benefits-decision support, new-hire onboarding, health and wellness initiatives, financial-wellness programs, workforce training and development and other year-round corporate communications topics.

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Report: 27 Employer Video Communications Case Studies

This Flimp Communications Case Study Report presents detailed employee engagement and response results from 27 large employer video postcard campaigns delivered to over 175,000 employees. Most of the campaigns relate to annual employee benefits enrollment. A total of 45 video postcard campaigns generated 78% average employee engagement rates, 94% average response rates, with an average viewing session of 3.5 minutes.

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Survey Report: Engaging Employees with Video Communications (2015)

This 19-page, corporate video communications and online video marketing survey report from Ragan Communications, Inc. discussed why and how more companies are using video communications effectively to engage with employees. Learn why 71% of human resource professionals surveyed currently produce videos to communicate with employees, 72% will increase their use of online video production, and why 41% percent of those human resource professionals not using video communication today promise to do so for 2016.


Internal Video Communications: Solutions, Strategies & Case Studies

This Video Communications Strategy Report reviews how online video is being used for employee communications and annual benefits enrollment. The Report provides six employer case studies related to video communications campaigns used for employee benefits education and enrollment. Topics covered include; leveraging video to improve employee communications, video content options to consider, and the use of interactive video postcards for employee communications.


Video Email Postcard Communications Campaigns - Client Case Studies

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