How to block out traffic noise in your bedroom?

The present world clatters all day and all night long. Currently, we have to pay in a lot of bucks to experience complete silence. The importance of silence is forgotten today.

Everywhere around there is noise. Right from the television channels till the computers in the office and the background music in shopping malls, noise is everywhere. Surprisingly silence is connected to the word boring and inactivity.

However, at least during sleep, you will wish to have some silence. In this article, we will see the ways block out the road in the bedroom.

Move the position of your bed

Moves the back to the opposite side of your room. Never put your bed near the window. It is from here the sound will we can get into the room. This will not eliminate the noise but reduce it.

Rearrange the furniture and the decorations

This will help a lot especially in the case of the modern houses you can put all the furniture up against the wall.  The use of art and wall hangings can block out traffic noise in the bedroom.


Change the bedrooms

Sleeping on the upper floors of the house is a very good idea. You can also move to the other side of the road is possible. A few yards away can also have a considerable reduction in the noise.

Lower the heat

It is wrong if you think that a warm room can make you sleep better. On the contrary, it is the coldest temperature that will help you sleep and stay asleep for a longer time. Your body will naturally cool down before you sleep.

Practice sleep- hygiene

You should get ready to sleep. Set an early time to eat as eating late can affect digestion and sleep. Relax and calm your mind. Do not watch screens enjoying blue light. And finally, get to bed on time.

Use music

Studies and reports are proving that music improves sleep quality. Use relaxing and classical music and not the beats one. It is also said that it reduces depression.

Double glazing

Double glazing is nothing but a window inside the window.  In this design two Windows are stuck together one inside and outside.

The Other advantage of double glazing is that it keeps heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer. It also keeps the noise outside

Structural changes in your front yard

Reduce noise when living on a busy street by bringing structural changes in your front yard with was shrubs trees and garden furniture. All these will help in deflecting the noise away. Having a tall fence or the tree line will do the needful.

May 2024

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